Stone of the Month


March's birthstone is Aquamarine.

Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin aqua marinus, meaning "water of the sea." It is a member of the beryl family and comes in many shades of blue, from pale blue to sky blue to greenish-blue. Aquamarine owes its color to the presence of iron. The rarest and most valuable are those with a deep blue color.

Since early times, aquamarine has been believed to endow the wearer with foresight, courage, and happiness. It is said to increase intelligence and make one youthful. In alternative healing, aquamarine is considered to be an effective healing stone for anxiety. Aquamarine has long been considered a lucky stone, especially by sailors, who carried it to keep them safe at sea.
It is also said to have to the power to ensure a long and happy marriage.

Aquamarine has been traditionally held as the gem for the nineteenth wedding anniversary. 

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