There was a time when wearing a watch was a necessity. Today, with the advent of computers and cell phones, the time of day is just a screen away. Now you are just as likely to wear a watch because you like how it matches an outfit or reflects your style. At Elmwood Plaza Jewelers we have many styles for you to choose from.

The earliest timekeeping records show that the sun was used to reflect the passage of time by casting a shadow on various objects. Today timekeeping has come full circle with the technology of watches that use a solar panel to charge a capacitor in the mechanism.

Owner, Joseph Smith, began as as apprentice watchmaker to the previous owner of Elmwood Plaza Jewelers, Howard Crumpton. He then achieved Certified Master Watchmaker status, and the craft of watchmaking has been an integral part of our business. Through this emphasis on service we have become trusted for our expertise in this area. The companies we carry share the same values we consider important and fundamental to our foundation; reliability, warranties, styling, and affordability.